You know that moment of excitement and apprehension when you’ve tried to bake something and you go to share it with your grandmother, certain she’s going to be so proud of your work? Well, that happened about three years ago when I first tried to make Hareeseh. I was so excited to bring her a sample of my baking that I could even envision her smiling and telling me what a great job I did.

Do you also know that moment when, instead of fulfilling your vision, she looks at it, turns to you and says “It’s a little thick. You could have made it a little thinner,” at which point you’re devastated and don’t really comprehend the rest of what she says? Yea, that happened too. But it’s okay, because it only motivated me to try again … albeit a few years later.

I’m sure she’d be proud. She’s gotten a chance to try some of my other arabic-food experiments. I love her to pieces, but she always has constructive criticism when it comes to my cooking. I am competing with the best, after all, and I don’t even come in a close second. I didn’t leave her any this time, as I baked this batch of Hareeseh for a co-worker’s birthday (yes, at my day job). It’s a good thing I made a large pyrex full, since everyone in the office had a piece – and some went back for seconds, thirds and even fourths. No worries, I won’t tell anyone who you are!

I made this one fluffy. You can make Hareeseh less fluffy by removing the baking soda from the recipe.



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