It’s a new year. Happy 2017!

With the New Year, I’m happy to introduce a new feature to Measuring Cups, Optional. Starting today, I’ll be posting a weekly piece called “This (last) Week on Instagram.” For everyone who follows Measuring Cups, Optional on Instagram — THANK YOU! — you know that I am always in the kitchen working on a new project and most of the time, those projects don’t make it onto the blog. There are a number of reasons why that is, but I don’t want my readers, who don’t necessarily follow me on Instagram, to miss out. Especially on some of the fantastic recipes I test out from other food bloggers. Aside from just tons of food, there’s a sprinkle of the fun things I do. In the spirit of the oversharing society we’ve become, you’ll get a weekly dose of MCO happenings in one convenient post.


Monday = Federal Government Holiday = more sleep and more cooking. I made two dozen of my popovers to take to a waffle brunch on Monday and they were a total hit! A friend convinced me that they were “protein-packed” since they had so many eggs. Sure, they’re also packed with gluten and cheese. But they taste amazing!




The holidays, from Thanksgiving on, have really turned my eating habits upside down. So, about midweek, I decided to get my “healthy” breakfast back on. As you can see, I added a granola, chia and flax seed mix.




Mom and I made it out to the National Christmas Tree, and it was beautiful! My favorite part is walking along and looking at all the state trees. Can you imagine how proud each of these groups were to have their ornaments featured in Washington, DC for thousands of people to see?!



Honey Pig is hands down, one of my favorite places for Korean BBQ. Get the bulgogi, you’ll thank me later.



On my day off, mom dragged me to cycling at 9:15am. I was cranky and moody, but felt like a superstar at the end of the 50 minute workout.




I love ice skating! When I was a kid, I took skating lessons and was convinced I’d be the next Tara Lipinski My skills have degraded over the years …



We celebrated New Years Eve morning with Champagne Pancakes – Boozy Champagne Pancakes are coming to the blog soon! UPDATE: Champagne Pancakes recipe can be found here


Until next week …. follow along on Instagram