This week I did no recipe testing. I did think about making a couple things, but I was just so lazy — and in my defense not feeling very well for most of the week. I did get out and eat (obviously) and did a bunch of shopping.


Hot Chocolate Bar

There’s this really adorable–we’ll call it–town hidden in Northern Virginia down really long hilly two-way roads with a train track and quaint little restaurants. Monday seemed as good a day as any to venture out there to a charming café. I was so excited when they offered up a hot chocolate bar, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity.


I came down with some form of aggressive flu this week and it totally sucked. Despite feeling pretty gross, my mom convinced me to help her shop for a housewarming gift at Crate and Barrel (swoon) and have dinner together at Café Deluxe. I will say, I picked out the prettiest eyelet, glass dome cake stand. I might have to go back and get one for myself.


You know when you want to go out, but you’re feeling antisocial because you feel under the weather, but you definitely want some sort of food you didn’t have to prepare yourself? That was me, Friday night. I had been fighting this cold/flu/aggressive sickness/whatever you want to call it. And all I wanted was some pizza. Your eyes aren’t fooling you, that’s pepperoni you see on my large takeout pizza. For those more familiar with me on a personal level, you’re likely aware that I don’t consume pork (pepperoni and bacon included). Lucky for me, I live in Northern Virginia, where that doesn’t pose a serious problem. There’s a chain of pizza places called Stone Hot Pizza  that legit make the best pizzas and it’s all Halal (not that I’m a super Halal eater or anything) But know this .. where there is Halal, there is Beef Pepperoni!


One of my favorite things is hosting. So when a friend called desperately asking for help shopping for a dinner party, I did not disappoint. She’ll argue that I’m a little judegy when it comes to what basic things you do or don’t own for dinner party hosting. But I just can’t help it! So Saturday afternoon we hopped around from TJMaxx to Home Goods to World Market to Khan El Kahlili. As the name suggests, it’s not a far cry from the real Khan El Kahlili in Egypt. It’s overwhelming, and bright, and may contain some gaudy household items. But we found what we were so desperately searching for — glass teacups.


I mentioned we went to World Market, right? Well, their food section is a place where dreams come true. All your favorite international snacks are just hanging out on shelves, organized by item type. It puts the International aisle at Wegmans to shame. Our snack of choice? Beignet mix. Boxed. And they were delicious.


Sundays for me are either really lazy or really productive. This week, Sunday erred on the lazy side. My one outing of the day was to see my Tayta and spend the afternoon sipping Turkish Coffee and nibbling on sweets.


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