It Snowed! And despite being wrapped up in training for my real job this week, I still found time to (key word) TRY to get organized, share my favorite breakfast recipe and recipe test (and fail) before week’s end.


The best snow, in my personal opinion, is the snow that looks magical on trees, open spaces, and sidewalks, but doesn’t stick to the pavement. I love snow. I love the way it looks, I love the way it makes the world seem quiet and pristine. However, I don’t enjoy driving in it. It was a perfect Monday morning, when I was treated to the most beautiful drive to work, and by the time I left for the day, all the snow had melted away.


I’m on a constant quest to get organized. Unfortunately, it feels like I’m always one step behind. I admit, I have my little piles of clutter … but it drives me nuts! Yes, I’m one of those people that actually makes my bed before getting into it – I can’t help it. It has to feel welcoming before I get in. I found this lipstick and brush organizer on Amazon. It holds 120 lipsticks! It spins too. When I started getting all my lipsticks in there, I realized I have at least 7 of the same color.


Is it Valentine’s Day yet? Don’t get me wrong. I love everything pink and heart-shaped, but it’s just so much pressure. Usually when faced with Valentine’s Day overkill, I end up buying myself a heart-shaped chocolate.


Adams Morgan  is home of the Jumbo Slice. What’s jumbo slice?! It’s exactly that– a slice of pizza that could feed a small village. Okay fine, 2-3 people. One person if they’re really hungry. No judgment, right?


I shared my favorite take-to-work breakfast on instagram this week, complete with video. It’s actually really simple. First, I sprinkle granola in the bottom of the bowl, then layer with my favorite fruits (strawberries and blueberries). Next, I add maple-flavored ground chia and flax mix, sprinkle some more granola on top and drizzle honey to top it all off.


I almost had a new blog post. Except for the part where my twice-baked potato dip hardened and became loaded mashed potatoes. I took my little experiment to a Super Bowl party and made everyone eat it anyway. Obviously, this one’s not making it to the blog just yet.


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