Valentine’s Day/Tayta’s birthday celebrations, and lots of eating out. This week, we were blessed with upwards of 65 degree weather in February. I’m not complaining. I savored every moment and took advantage of outdoor eating.


Have you ever wondered what happens after I come up with a recipe and take blog photos? I make my family eat it. When I want to make sure they don’t miss out, I even leave them a handwritten note.


Twice in less than a week. This time, for dinner, with a couple friends. The best people really are people who love to eat. We went all out, and even ordered their cardamom cake. Trust me, leave room for dessert.


Valentine’s Day for me isn’t about romance. It’s about Tayta’s birthday. She’s the glue that holds our entire family together. What better way to celebrate her, then on Valentine’s Day! Flowers and carrot cake (my favorite by the way) courtesy of Wegmans.


If it hasn’t already been made obvious, I love cheese. It’s no surprise then when my lunch choices are completed dictated by cheese. Nando’s has this delicious Mediterranean salad with, you guessed it, Halloumi cheese. It’s grilled to perfection. I usually add avocado, because good fat. Right? 


A new tradition has emerged, it’s called movie night. And it usually entails way too much food (courtesy of a lovely lady who can’t admit that she goes a little overboard, but I love her all the same), and an old Arabic movie. This last week, we all gathered around to watch Al Eyal Kebret (مسرحية العيال كبرت). I’ve watched this play many years ago, but I guess with age comes understanding, and boy did I miss a lot when I watched it at a young age!


The weather this weekend was amazing. It was upwards of 65 degrees, and you could tell because all the restaurants had their outdoor seating set up and everyone was out on the town soaking up the sun. The first outdoor lunch I had this weekend was Virtue Feed and Grain. The crab dip and salmon burger were delicious.


The second outdoor lunch – or I guess we could call it dinner – was at Yard House after a long day of shopping and running errands. I went for the Nashville hot chicken. Don’t get me wrong, it was a great fried chicken, it just wasn’t hot. At all. That was a little disappointing.


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