I’m Zayna 

A thirty-something halfie – quite literally American Arab by citizenship and ethnicity, respectively– with a day job in communications and media relations, who happens to love food! Mostly bubbly, with a splash of sass, and always up for adventure; my blog is a little window into my life and love for food.

Bet you didn’t know that ….

  •  I’m exactly 5’1 and three quarters tall
  • I love all that sparkles and shines. Glitter!
  • Pink and Black are my favorite colors (or non-color)
  • I still count on my fingers (Math is not my strong suit, but I can write you a proposal that will rock the socks off your client)
  • I’m an Aries; positive but stubborn
  • I have an obsession with Pinterest
  • Yes, I’m a morning person


Why are the Measuring Cups Optional?

My mother learned to cook from the best cook in the world, my Tayta (Grandmother) and I have never gotten a recipe from Tayta that included solid measurements. I grew up watching her and my mom add handfuls and sprinkles of ingredients. To this day, a recipe from Tayta means using her measurements — I’m still working on figuring those out. So this is me, measuring cups in hand, taking on my kitchen one cup and one handful at a time.



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  1. I love it. Can’t wait for more new ideas.
    As my grandmother always said “the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” She was married almost 60 years.
    Wish you success in your kitchen venture and many years worth of creative recipes.

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